How to get paint out of my carpet

The first things you will need are: 1 you will need to go to Homedepot or Walmart and get a gallon of Krud Kutter. 2 you will need a spray bottle 3 you will need a shop vacuum 4 you will need a plastic putty knife A Then scrape as much of the paint off the carpet with the puddy knife, then blot with a paper towel. B Then get out the shop vacuum and suck as much as you can without adding any thing to the paint spill, C Then spray the Kud Kutter on the paint spill and then vacuum, spray the Krud Kutter and vacuum, keep repeating that process until it is all gone, D When the paint is all gone , spray water and vacuum to retrieve the Kud Kutter on the carpet , E When you are done with that then blot with a towel and set up a fan to dry the carpet with. F Then you will have to go outside to take a garden hose to your shop vacuum.

Krud Kutter.jpg

Here is a video of me telling you how to get paint out of the carpet