Step 1

Pre-vacuuming the carpet to get all the dry dirt out of the carpet before adding the pre-spray. Using a pile lifter, lifts up the pile so you pre-spray it gets all around each indivual fiber.

Step 2


pile lifter.JPG

 Pre-spraying the carpet losens up the dirt that is stuck to the carpet and suspends the dirt in a liquid form to make it easier to wash out.

Step 3

Brushing the carpet after the pre-spray helps agitate the dirt to break away from the fiber.


Step 4

Using the RX-20 is a good way to wash the carpet because it spins, sprays and sucks. It is like steam cleaning the carpet like a washing machine would.

Step 5

 Using a rinsing agent when you are steam cleaning with a wand, after using the RX-20, will make it so there is no residue left in the carpet. 


 Setting the pile with a carpet rake, makes it so the pile stands up, so the carpet will dry faster. Adding air movers will help it dry even quicker.

Here is a video of us carpet cleaning.