Utah County upholstery cleaning    


 Upholstery cleaning in Utah County is just like washing your clothes washer. First, we scrub the upholstery with a brush and some fabric shampoo. Then we rinse the fabric with an upholstery rinsing agent that runs through our steam cleaning machine. Next, we use a brass pile brush to take out the stroke lines on the fabric, like a microfiber couch. I then set up air movers to dry the upholstery. In most cases, your couch will be dry in an hour.

We have a lot of different products to get different spots that may be on the fabric of your couch. We also carry different products to work on different fabrics, such as wool shampoo, cotton shampoo and fabric shampoo. The fabric shampoo works good on man made fibers. You need to treat each fabric differently. For example, a microfiber needs to be treated differently than a couch made of cotton. A natural fiber couch would do the same as a cotton t-shirt, they could shrink, bleed, or fade. A polyester shirt does not shrink, bleed or fade. Another example, would you wash a wool sweater the same way that you would polyester sweater. Most upholstery is a mixture of more than one type of fabric, in which case you would treat them as natural fiber and not a man made fiber. 


Sometimes using a fabric shaver is a great idea to get the little fabric balls of the cushions before we start the cleaning process of the sofa

The the two horse hair brushes are for scrubbing the upholstery with and the other two brushes are for setting the nap and to get the pet hair off the fabric .

upholstery cleaning in Utah County.gif

We like bringing this fold up table to clean the cushions on it just makes is easier and we can do a better job this way

We always bring in fans to dry the upholstery, because a lot of the times the fabric can look different when it is dry, so in most cases we try to get it dry before we leave to make sure the upholstery looks great and won't look funny later.  These large fans really dry the upholstery fast.

On this job we had a lot of upholstery to clean so my wife and I both had a upholstery tool to clean with because when two of us are cleaning it is faster than just one and we have a very powerful truckmount and it does a great job when we are running two upholstery tools. the four cylinder engine with a # 5 blower with a 3,000 psi pump does the trick on our Blueline Thermal Wave HP truckmounted steam cleaning unit