First we walk through the carpet with you and listen to any on your concerns, then we cover all the floors that we are not cleaning with floor runners, tarps, blankets, the we protect the walls and railing with corners , huggers and towels, then we protect your lawn and planters with lawn Pic’s , then we set up our hoses

Step one

covering the floor.jpg

Step 2


 Pre-spraying the carpet to losens up the dirt that is stuck to the carpet and suspends the dirt in a liquid form to make it easier to wash out. Then we get out all the spots in your carpet



Step 3

Using a Brushpro on the carpet after the pre-spray helps agitate the dirt to break away from the fiber, it also gets all the pet hair out of the carpet and pulls a lot of the debris from deep down


Step 4

Using the RX-20 or a Rotocac 360i is a good way to wash the carpet because it spins, sprays and sucks. It is like steam cleaning the carpet like a washing machine would. Then we go back over it with a carpet cleaning wand

carpet cleaning in orem utah.jpg

Step 5

 Using a rinsing agent when you are steam cleaning with a wand, after using the RX-20, will make it so there is no residue left in the carpet. 

 Setting the pile with a carpet rake, makes it so the pile stands up, so the airmovers will dry the carpet much faster. We also have lots of airmovers in out carpet cleaning van

carpet cleaning airnovers.jpg

Here is a playlist of Alpine Professional Carpet Care carpet cleaning in Utah County