Spot Carpet Cleaning in Utah County

When getting out a spot in the carpet it first helps to know what kind of stain or spot it is in the carpet. For an example synthetic food dyes, organic stains, petroleum stains, protein stains and PH shifts, like a rust stain, you have a different procedure to get out the spot in the carpet. So it really helps to know what is in the carpet because there is not one good product to get out all the spots in the carpet. When you heat up the spot, it breaks down the spot and makes your product work better so using a steamer to get out a spot in the carpet sometimes really helps but not always. Getting blood in the carpet, it is best to use cold water. At Alpine Professional Carpet Care we always try to get out all the spots in the carpet when we are carpet cleaning in Utah County. We also have lots of different products to get out different spots in your carpet.

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We are heating this syrup spot in the carpet with a steamer that is very hard. It makes it softer and easier to flush out of the carpet.

Pet odor and stain removal for carpet cleaning, The one two punch

Alpine Professional Carpet care was carpet cleaning this senior living place today and this lady walked up to us and said we cleaned her place and none of the spots reappeared and the place does not smell anymore and it has been 6 months since we carpet cleaned her place, She just wanted to tell us how happy she is with our service. We worked really hard on her place to make sure to take care of the problem with the urine smell and stains in her carpet. Well once again a really happy customer with a really hard problem to solve.

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In this video below I will show you how bad the urine damage was in the carpet, Take a look

This is a video review of how well we took care of the pet stains and odors in her carpet

Carpet cleaning

When we are carpet cleaning your home we try really hard to remove all the spots in your home. Then when we are removing a spot or stain we always try to identified what stain or spot is in your carpet. It always give us a real sense of accomplishment when we removed the spot when we are cleaning your carpets. We will call visible soils spots, because stains are more of a challenge to remove than a spot. Remember, a spot is on the fiber while a stain is inside the fiber.

After Alpine Professional Carpet Care identifies the type of carpet and the type of stain we are dealing with we always choose the proper chemistry and technique to produce a successful cleaning.

Petroleum-Based Stains

For petroleum-based stains, such as ink, grease, and oil, we use organic solvents, commonly referred to us as dry solvents. Dry solvents dissolve oil-based soils through careful agitation. Sometimes water-based detergents, which contain wetting agents (surfactants), are used in conjunction with dry solvents.

When we are carpet cleaning polyester or olefin carpets the oily soils can penetrate the fiber, which means the dry solvent must also penetrate to remove the soil. Then we have the added challenge of sticky residue on the fiber. But after a thorough rinsing with hot detergent or a volatile dry solvent minimizes future resoiling issues.

Protein Stains

When we are getting protein stains out of the carpet we always use protein digesters or enzyme treatments and they are useful for cleaning stubborn protein stains, such as blood, feces, or vomit. These enzyme products work well and we always follow manufacturer directions. Adequate contact time with the stain is especially important, so we make sure that we adhere to manufacturer-recommended dwell time.

Water-Soluble Stains

When we are dealing with common water-soluble stains include tracked-in mud, food and beverages, water-based pens and markers. These stains are usually easy to remove using a water-based cleaning agent.

Natural or Organic Stains

Some water-soluble stains, such as coffee and tea, are more difficult to remove because the heat of the liquid bonds the substance to the carpet fibers. These substances often leave a tannin stain behind, even after we are done cleaning. When a water-soluble products have failed, we remove these natural and organic stains with an oxidizing agent.

Other organic stains that respond well to oxidizing agents include stubborn food and beverage colorants, such as those in grape juice, ketchup, mustard, and most condiments.

Synthetic or Man-Made Stains

Man-made stains, especially those caused by red dyes in sports drinks and Kool-Aid, require a reducing agent. These type of stains are affected more on nylon carpet than on other carpet fibers.

We apply reducing agents then we use a a steamer

Dye stains are especially challenging because there is a dye on the carpet and we have to try to remove the dye that was spilled on the carpet and not remove the carpet dye that the carpet came with

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Tile and grout cleaning a bathroom counter in Utah County

Cleaning the tile and grout in a bathroom is a lot of work because we are on our hands and knees and a lot of hand scrubbing the tile and grout. We have a few small cleaning tools we use but we also use a hand brush to scrub all the edges by hand. We put a tile cleaning product on all the tile and we hand scrub all the tile to loosen up all the dirt. Then we rinse and steam clean the tile and grout with our truck mount and a small spinner tool. Then when we are all done, we set up air movers to dry. When it is all dry we inspect all the tile and grout to make sure there are not any dark areas and then we seal floor. If it natural stone tile, we seal the whole floor or counter top, if it is man made ceramic or porcelain, we only seal the grout. Using an alkaline cleaner will clean the grout lines and using an acidic cleaner will etch the grout lines making it look clean but really a thin layer of grout is taken off when using an acid to clean with. So we always try to clean the tile first, and last case scenario, if you can not get the grout cleaned then you can etch it with an acid. Never use an acid on natural stone it will make the tile look dull.

Tile and grout cleaning in Lehi, bathroom counter.jpg

This is a small spinner tool an SX7.

tile and grout cleaning in lehi, the edge of the bathroom counter.jpg

This is a steam cleaning tool to get to the hard to get areas.

Tile and grout cleaning in Lehi, the outside of the tub.jpg

Here we are cleaning the side of the bath tub.

Here are a few videos of Alpine Professional Carpet Care cleaning tile and grout in Utah County.

Should I have a carpet cleaner or house cleaner come first

If you are having your house cleaned , the last thing you should have cleaned is the carpet. Even when you are dealing with a water lost the carpet cleaner is the last person that comes to youe home. The house cleaners can have all the carpet vacuumed and ready to be cleaned. When the house cleaners dust and wipe down the baseboards the carpet cleaning crew can make sure all the floors look great when they leave . The carpet cleaner will cover all the floors that are not cleaning and be able to clean up any foot prints that they might have made, not saying they will leave foot prints but they can clean up after them self. You also do not want the house cleaners to be walking over the freshly cleaned carpet and they are always setting their cleaning supplies on the carpet. The carpet cleaning company will clean there way out of the home so the house will look ,feel and smell like the first day of spring.

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Should I clean or stretch the carpet first

I think you should have the carpet stretched first. It is important to get the carpet stretched so the backing does not seperate where the wrinkles are in the carpet. When you do have your carpet stretched make sure they are using a power stretcher. Pulling the carpet from one wall to the other with poles. After the carpet is stretched , if it is done right the carpet will not wrinkle after getting your carpet cleaned. Where the wrinkles were the carpet will have dirty and worn areas where the bumps were from people dragging their feet over the bumps. Then the carpet cleaner will try to make it look even again, this is why you should get the carpets stretched first. A lot of times there is a bunch of loose carpet fibers all over the carpet after the carpet layers are done and the carpet cleaner can make sure to pick up all of the loose fibers with their vacuum cleaner. The carpet cleaning should always be the last thing done to make sure the carpets look, smell and feel great, ready to get back to living in your home. When you are ready to have your carpets cleaned give us a call 801-756-2275 the Jeff and Judy team, a husband and wife team that care about your home and carpet.

Carpet stretching tools

Carpet stretching tools

Should I trim the loose carpet fibers?

If the the loose strand of carpet is short I would just cut it off with some duckbill knapping shears. You can pick up a pair at Home Depot for under $20. If the loose carpet fibers are long like on a berber carpet I would glue it back down in the carpet run with a hot glue gun with a long tube tip so you get the glue only on the backing of the carpet and not on the top of the carpet fibers and push down on each bend of the carpet strand. Cutting the carpet fibers will make it so it won’t get worse and get snagged by your vacuum cleaner. Sometimes gluing the end piece back on the backing with a hot glue gun will help so it does not come loose. I also think it looks better without the long loose strands of carpet, this is why I always carry a pair of napping scissors in my side pouch when I am cleaning the carpets in your home. I also have a carpet glue gun if I need to glue the carpet fibers back down on the backing of the carpet.

carpet scissors.jpg

In this video you can see when I was carpet cleaning and I noticed a lot carpet fibers where the seam is on the carpet, so I trimmed the loose fibers to make it look better and so the loose fibers will not get snagged by the vacuum cleaner.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned

Here is a link on Stainmaster carpet saying how often you should get your carpets cleaned and how to take care of your carpets.

If you go to Stainmaster website it says you should get your carpets cleaned every 18 months or it will void the warranty of the carpet. So in that case, I think you should get your carpet cleaning done every year. It is just fabric like your clothes they just need to be washed once in a while if they look dirty or not. They still need to be cleaned, because some of the odors and small dirt you might not see, but getting them cleaned every year will keep your carpets healthy and make them last much longer. The best thing you can do is vacuum your carpet regularly to get all the dry soil in the carpet that might scratch and damage the fibers of your carpet. The carpet in your home is the biggest filter in your home and it helps with the air quality by not allowing the pollen, mold spores, dust and dirt floating in the air of our home. Regular vacuum cleaning and carpet cleaning will keep your carpets healthy and safe for you and your family

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How to remove urine from the carpet

Urine starts to smell after a week or two when the bacteria begins to set in . As the urine dries it leaves behind urine salts and that keeps it wet for months allowing time for the bacteria to grow in your carpet, it will even pull the moisture from the air to the spot in the carpet keeping it wet longer. If you flush the spot with white vinegar it will get rid of all the urine salts in the carpet . This is because white vinegar has a PH balance somewhere between 3 to 5 and the acid in the white vinegar will break down the urin salts allowing the carpet to dry the next day. Then the carpet will not smell because bacteria did not have enough time to grow in your carpet.

1 You will need a shop vacuum, a spray bottle, a towel, and some white vinegar. 2 Retrieve as much as you can with the shop vacuum. 3 Blot with a towel. 4 Put 1/4 white vinegar and the rest water in the spray bottle. 5 Spray the urine spot and vacuum. Spray and vacuum until it is all gone. 6 Blot with a towel and set a fan to dry.

How to remove urine from the carpet.

How to remove urine from the carpet.

How to get paint out of my carpet

The first things you will need are: 1 you will need to go to Homedepot or Walmart and get a gallon of Krud Kutter. 2 you will need a spray bottle 3 you will need a shop vacuum 4 you will need a plastic putty knife A Then scrape as much of the paint off the carpet with the puddy knife, then blot with a paper towel. B Then get out the shop vacuum and suck as much as you can without adding any thing to the paint spill, C Then spray the Kud Kutter on the paint spill and then vacuum, spray the Krud Kutter and vacuum, keep repeating that process until it is all gone, D When the paint is all gone , spray water and vacuum to retrieve the Kud Kutter on the carpet , E When you are done with that then blot with a towel and set up a fan to dry the carpet with. F Then you will have to go outside to take a garden hose to your shop vacuum.

Krud Kutter.jpg

Here is a video of me telling you how to get paint out of the carpet

How to get slime out of the carpet

Using a Carpet Shark to perforate the deposit and allow the solvent to penetrate the interior of the deposit can really make a difference when you are trying to get the slime out of the carpet. We also use a steamer to soften up the slime to make it easier to get it out of the carpet. Thanks for CTI Pro’schoice Supply for making great carpet cleaning products . Here is how we got the slime out of the carpet, we first

  1. Apply the Pro-Solve to the deposit.

  2. Allow dwell time.  Up to 2 minutes.

  3. Scrape deposit and Pro-Solve residue from carpet fibers.

  4. Apply Power Gel to the area and agitate to emulsify any residues.

  5. Extraction rinse area.

  6. Apply ARA to the area to prevent any residues from attracting soil.

How to get slime out of the carpet.jpg

Here is a review of us getting out homemade slime out of the carpet Mike Osmond 12 weeks ago

Our kids spilled a big batch of ‘Slime’ on the carpet, and it hardened and we couldn’t get it out. We called, and they were there within the hour. They got the slime out, and went above and beyond in cleaning additional areas. A+++++++ We will definitely be using them in the future. We were also able to get this magnetic lab putty out of Robert upholstery here is the review Robert Logan 44 weeks ago

They were able to get gray, magnetic lab putty out of the couch. Did a great job! I would highly recommend.

What Makes Alpine Professional Carpet Care different than other carpet cleaning companies

It is just the little things we do when we are carpet cleaning your home that is going to make a difference. When you call us you will get Jeff or Judy on the phone to answer your questions, with 30 years of experence in the carpet cleaning industry and we have been in business now for 24 years. When the Jeff and Judy team comes out to your home in Utah County you are getting someone with lots of knolledge, experence and good up to date equipment. That really helps because you want the right products and equipment for the type of carpet you have and we will know how to make your carpet thoroughly clean and how to get out all the spots in the carpet. So don’t take a chance of a carpet cleaning employee comming to your come , they might have worked there for 3 years or maybe just two weeks and do you want to take that chance.

Protecting the wood floor when carpet cleaning in Utah County

Protecting the wood floor when carpet cleaning in Utah County

We start off and listen to all your concerns that you have about your floor, then we bring in floor runners, tarps, blankets, towels, corners guards, DUK guards, Huggers, seal-a-door to protect your home and lawn pic’s to protect your yard. We cover all the floor we are not cleaning, We also bring in plastic tabs and styrofoam blocks to put under furniture that we have moved. We try to clean as much of the carpet as we can. It helps to have two people to move stuff around. Jeff presprays the carpet and Judy scrubs the carpet with a Brushpro, then Jeff uses a spinner tool and then goes back over it with a carpet cleaning wand, then we set up an airmover in each room to help the drying process, both of us looks around for spots in the carpet. When we are all done we walk around with you to make sure you are happy with the carpet cleaning job we did for you, We do all this because we really care about doing the very best job we can do. Take a look at this video and you can get an idea on what we do for you when we are cleaning the carpets in your home.

If you are going on vacation , shut off the water in your home!

Water shutoff valve.jpg

Things you should do if you are going on vacation, One thing comes to mine is shutting off the main water line in your home. This way if for some reason the heat turns off or you get a water leak in your home , if the water is turned off it will not cause any damage to your home while you are away on vacation. This is just a reminder and something easy to do. In the picture below if the handle is parallel the water is on and if the handle is perpendicular the water is off. If you have an older home the shut off valve will be like an outside house faucet , just turn the handle clock wise until the water is off in the home, Then have fun while you are away on a holiday

carpet cleaning polyester carpet in Lehi Utah

Sometimes cleaning heavily soiled polyeter carpet can be challenge, but with the right equipment and the right products we can get great reults like the before and after picture below . We have a product that is just for polyester carpet, that loosen the soil and suspend it in a liquid form to make it easier to rince away with our rotovac 360i and then our carpet cleaning wand, We can not take the wear away but we can make it clean just like an old pair of jeans, clean and worn . This is a perfect example that the Jeff and Judy team does everything they can to make sure the carpets are going to be the cleanest they have ever been. So give us a call you will be glad you did 801-756-2275

carpet cleaning in Lehi Utah, making a difference.jpg

Here we are showing you how well the rotocac works, just take a look at this video

Alpine Utah carpet cleaning service

It is starting to get colder now and we can seal off the front door with a seal a door when we are carpet cleaning your home in Alpine Utah , We can also leave some airmovers to help the drying process if you live in Alpine, then we can pick them in the morning and your carpets should be dry before dinner time if we clean your carpets first thing in the morning Here is one of our reviews Hugh Biesinger

1 review

2 weeks ago

Alpine Professional Carpet Care is by far the best Carpet cleaning business I have ever used! We have five kids for grandkids a cat and a dog, so we definitely need a company who really cares about helping us with our carpet cleaning needs. I have found that with Alpine Carpet Cleaning I am never disappointed in their service. I would honestly never have anyone else come into my home and care for my carpets but them.
Thank you!

alpine Utah carpet cleaning service.jpg

I am using a carpet cleaning wand but first we presprayed the carpet and then we went over it with a brush pro to loosen up all the soil in the carpet to make it easy to rinse away.

here is a map on where our business is in Alpine Utah

If you need some carpet cleaning done is Alpine , we are right here and we can be there in no time at all

Alpine Professional Carpet Care reviews

    Here are some reviews, when we were carpet cleaning in Utah County.  We do everything we can to make sure you get the most thorough carpet cleaning you have ever had. Not only do we make sure your carpets are really clean but we spend a lot of time in protecting your home in the process. The Jeff and Judy team, a husband and wife team that cares. It is just the little things that we do that are going to make a difference when we are cleaning your home. So give us a call 801-756-2275 and check out our reviews.

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How to find dog or cat urine in the carpet

Finding dog or cat urine in the carpet is really easy using a really good UV light (or black light) and moisture probe. The UV light will tell you where the urine damage is in the carpet and the moisture probe will detect the urine salts in the carpet and the pad. Not everything is urine that the UV light detects if it is a yellow, greenish glow it is urine in the carpet. If it is a bright white it is a cleaning product in the carpet. It will also detect drink spills and all kinds of other stuff. The urine salts pulls moisture from the air into the carpet keeping it wet for months allowing for bacteria to grow and it is the bacteria that leaves the bad odor in the room.  This is where the moisture probe comes in handy it detect the urine in the pad and the sub floor. If you have a dog the urine might be next to furniture leg or in the middle of the room or next to the door. If it is a cat, in most cases, it is next to the wall somewhere.

This is the UV light and the moisture probe that we use when we come out to your home. This is a High flux UV crime scene light. I am using a Dri-eaz Hydrosensr 2 to detect the urine in the pad.

Urine light.jpg

Sometimes the baseboards and the drywall need to be treated or replaced, you can see this is a cat because they like to pee next to the walls and baseboards.

urine damage on the baseboards.jpg

If you pull back the carpet, you will have a good idea on how bad the urine damage is and you might have to replace the pad and seal the sub floor. In some cases, you might need to get new carpet. This is a good example of a dog that left urine on the carpet.

urine damage.jpg

searching for dog or cat urine in the carpet is part of our odor removal service

How to clean upholstery fabric

     When cleaning the fabric on upholstery or a sofa or chair you need to know what it is made of. Most couches are a mixed fabric but performing a burn test will give you an idea on what type of fabric you are dealing with, so you will  know how to go about cleaning the upholstery. You can open the zipper and take a single strand of fiber and do a burn test. If nothing else, it will help to know if it is a synthetic or natural fiber, because those two types of fibers you need to use different types of products to clean them.  When cleaning upholstery it helps to stay close to 7 PH level or just under that so you do not run into any problems. Using Prochem fine fabric shampoo is between a 6-7 PH level and that is really safe for most fabrics.                             When you are dealing with soils on the fabric, if it is a oil based soil like gum, ink, makeup, oils, you need to use a solvent because those stains are not water soluble. If it is a food stain with sugars you need to use a water based product because those type of soils are not solvent soluble. When you are dealing with color stains in the fabric, if it is a natural color stain like mustard, wood stain from furniture, or grape juice, you would use a peroxide base product. If it is a food coloring  stain you would need to use an ammonia based  product. We always carry a dozen if different carpet cleaning products to get out different stains in the fabric. Having a table to work on makes it easier to see the bad areas and to do a better job cleaning the upholstery. We also spend a lot of time to protect your home in the process. 

upholstery cleaning.jpg

This is our Mytee high dry upholstery cleaning tool. It only gets the fabric wet if it touches it so there is no over spray and it doesn't force water into the foam padding. If the fabric has any pilling on it we use this fabric shaver. 

   Cleaning codes for upholstery cleaning                                                                                                      W: Water-base cleaning agents or foam can be used. Never use tap water because it has minerals in the water that might leave a water ring on the upholstery when cleaning.                           S:   Only mild water-free cleaning solvents, never use water, do not dry clean in part.                  WS:   Water-base cleaning agents. Foam or mild water-free cleaning solvents may be used. Never use tap water because it has minerals in the water so use distilled  water so there will not be any fading or a water ring when you on done cleaning the upholstery.                                    X:     Clean only by vacuuming or light brushing to remove overall soil in the upholstery, never use water, foam or liquid cleaning agents.                                                                                           The important thing is to find out if it is a natural fiber or a man made fiber or a mixed blend to give you an idea how to clean the fabric. For an example you would not want to try to clean a wool fabric or get out a blood spot in hot water.

Here is more about our upholstery cleaning service

How to put a hose hook on your carpet cleaning wand

    This is how to put a hose hook on your carpet cleaning wand, so the hook is not in the way and you always have the hose hook with you when you need it. When you get all the hoses to the top of the stairs, this will keep your hoses from going down the stairs and keep them in one place. This way it will not move back and forth when you are carpet cleaning and rub on the walls and the sides of the stairs. This is nice to have with you when you are dropping your hoses off the fourth floor balcony. Some carpet cleaners like to use gear ties and not a hose hook but I like to use both. It is nice to have when your hoses are going down the stairs so only the hose you don't need goes down the stairs. It is just good hose management to keep your hose in one place. 

They also sell these hose hooks that are made to stay out of the way and the hook is a little softer but they both work great. 

carpet cleaning hose hook.jpg

How to make a pocket pressure washing sprayer for your carpet cleaning machine

I always keep this pocket sprayer in my side pouch, when I am carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning someone's home in Utah County. This comes in handy for many reasons. I use this for keeping my pressure hose flowing before I start carpet cleaning in the winter time. I just stick the pressure hose in the vacuum hose and only turn it on a little bit, this way my hose will not freeze when it is really cold outside.  I use this a lot when I am  cleaning a garage floor or spraying the inside of a shower. Other times, I use this to flush out the urine in the carpet and the pad with a water claw.   Spraying off the front porch with this little handy  tool is a really good touch before you start cleaning someone's home, this way when you are going in and out of their home you will not drag in dirt while you are cleaning and it will show the customer that you care. There are many reasons to use this tool on a job, but when I get home for the day I use this to spray down my tools and my carpet cleaning van. 

pocket pressure washing sprayer.jpg

Here is a video on how to make this little pocket pressure washing sprayer, check it out.

In this video, you can see how well this pocket sprayer works with my carpet cleaning truck mount. I am using a Blueline Thermal Wave HP carpet cleaning truck mount. It has a #5 blower, a 3,000 psi water pump and a 47 HP four cylinder engine.