Pet odor and stain removal for carpet cleaning, The one two punch

Alpine Professional Carpet care was carpet cleaning this senior living place today and this lady walked up to us and said we cleaned her place and none of the spots reappeared and the place does not smell anymore and it has been 6 months since we carpet cleaned her place, She just wanted to tell us how happy she is with our service. We worked really hard on her place to make sure to take care of the problem with the urine smell and stains in her carpet. Well once again a really happy customer with a really hard problem to solve.

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In this video below I will show you how bad the urine damage was in the carpet, Take a look

This is a video review of how well we took care of the pet stains and odors in her carpet

Should I clean or stretch the carpet first

I think you should have the carpet stretched first. It is important to get the carpet stretched so the backing does not seperate where the wrinkles are in the carpet. When you do have your carpet stretched make sure they are using a power stretcher. Pulling the carpet from one wall to the other with poles. After the carpet is stretched , if it is done right the carpet will not wrinkle after getting your carpet cleaned. Where the wrinkles were the carpet will have dirty and worn areas where the bumps were from people dragging their feet over the bumps. Then the carpet cleaner will try to make it look even again, this is why you should get the carpets stretched first. A lot of times there is a bunch of loose carpet fibers all over the carpet after the carpet layers are done and the carpet cleaner can make sure to pick up all of the loose fibers with their vacuum cleaner. The carpet cleaning should always be the last thing done to make sure the carpets look, smell and feel great, ready to get back to living in your home. When you are ready to have your carpets cleaned give us a call 801-756-2275 the Jeff and Judy team, a husband and wife team that care about your home and carpet.

Carpet stretching tools

Carpet stretching tools

How often should I get my carpets cleaned

Here is a link on Stainmaster carpet saying how often you should get your carpets cleaned and how to take care of your carpets.

If you go to Stainmaster website it says you should get your carpets cleaned every 18 months or it will void the warranty of the carpet. So in that case, I think you should get your carpet cleaning done every year. It is just fabric like your clothes they just need to be washed once in a while if they look dirty or not. They still need to be cleaned, because some of the odors and small dirt you might not see, but getting them cleaned every year will keep your carpets healthy and make them last much longer. The best thing you can do is vacuum your carpet regularly to get all the dry soil in the carpet that might scratch and damage the fibers of your carpet. The carpet in your home is the biggest filter in your home and it helps with the air quality by not allowing the pollen, mold spores, dust and dirt floating in the air of our home. Regular vacuum cleaning and carpet cleaning will keep your carpets healthy and safe for you and your family

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How to get slime out of the carpet

Using a Carpet Shark to perforate the deposit and allow the solvent to penetrate the interior of the deposit can really make a difference when you are trying to get the slime out of the carpet. We also use a steamer to soften up the slime to make it easier to get it out of the carpet. Thanks for CTI Pro’schoice Supply for making great carpet cleaning products . Here is how we got the slime out of the carpet, we first

  1. Apply the Pro-Solve to the deposit.

  2. Allow dwell time.  Up to 2 minutes.

  3. Scrape deposit and Pro-Solve residue from carpet fibers.

  4. Apply Power Gel to the area and agitate to emulsify any residues.

  5. Extraction rinse area.

  6. Apply ARA to the area to prevent any residues from attracting soil.

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Here is a review of us getting out homemade slime out of the carpet Mike Osmond 12 weeks ago

Our kids spilled a big batch of ‘Slime’ on the carpet, and it hardened and we couldn’t get it out. We called, and they were there within the hour. They got the slime out, and went above and beyond in cleaning additional areas. A+++++++ We will definitely be using them in the future. We were also able to get this magnetic lab putty out of Robert upholstery here is the review Robert Logan 44 weeks ago

They were able to get gray, magnetic lab putty out of the couch. Did a great job! I would highly recommend.

What Makes Alpine Professional Carpet Care different than other carpet cleaning companies

It is just the little things we do when we are carpet cleaning your home that is going to make a difference. When you call us you will get Jeff or Judy on the phone to answer your questions, with 30 years of experence in the carpet cleaning industry and we have been in business now for 24 years. When the Jeff and Judy team comes out to your home in Utah County you are getting someone with lots of knolledge, experence and good up to date equipment. That really helps because you want the right products and equipment for the type of carpet you have and we will know how to make your carpet thoroughly clean and how to get out all the spots in the carpet. So don’t take a chance of a carpet cleaning employee comming to your come , they might have worked there for 3 years or maybe just two weeks and do you want to take that chance.

Protecting the wood floor when carpet cleaning in Utah County

Protecting the wood floor when carpet cleaning in Utah County

We start off and listen to all your concerns that you have about your floor, then we bring in floor runners, tarps, blankets, towels, corners guards, DUK guards, Huggers, seal-a-door to protect your home and lawn pic’s to protect your yard. We cover all the floor we are not cleaning, We also bring in plastic tabs and styrofoam blocks to put under furniture that we have moved. We try to clean as much of the carpet as we can. It helps to have two people to move stuff around. Jeff presprays the carpet and Judy scrubs the carpet with a Brushpro, then Jeff uses a spinner tool and then goes back over it with a carpet cleaning wand, then we set up an airmover in each room to help the drying process, both of us looks around for spots in the carpet. When we are all done we walk around with you to make sure you are happy with the carpet cleaning job we did for you, We do all this because we really care about doing the very best job we can do. Take a look at this video and you can get an idea on what we do for you when we are cleaning the carpets in your home.

carpet cleaning polyester carpet in Lehi Utah

Sometimes cleaning heavily soiled polyeter carpet can be challenge, but with the right equipment and the right products we can get great reults like the before and after picture below . We have a product that is just for polyester carpet, that loosen the soil and suspend it in a liquid form to make it easier to rince away with our rotovac 360i and then our carpet cleaning wand, We can not take the wear away but we can make it clean just like an old pair of jeans, clean and worn . This is a perfect example that the Jeff and Judy team does everything they can to make sure the carpets are going to be the cleanest they have ever been. So give us a call you will be glad you did 801-756-2275

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Here we are showing you how well the rotocac works, just take a look at this video