When your animal(s) urinate on the carpet, it is important to remove the contaminates left behind, from your carpet. Watch this video to learn about the steps we take, to care for your carpets.



 Deodorization and Odor Control. If you don't have one of these you can take an air mover and tilt it back and take a fine hair mister with a deodorizer of your choice then spray it where the air comes out of the fan it will blow through the house. Don't forget you need to take care of the ordor at the source first then clean everything.


This is an Ozone Generator, a Pure Mist Fogger, and a Hot Fogger.


Using a water claw and a watering pail full of urine treatment solution makes it easy to flush the contaminates out of the pad and the carpet, without over saturating them. Then after flushing out the carpet and the pad, you need to clean the carpet. Using this method, you can treat both the carpet and the pad without pulling up the carpet and disposing of the pad.

Dealing with urine damage there is a lot to it , sometimes you have to pull up the carpet and replace the pad and seal the floor

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