Carpet Cleaning Near Highland Utah

If you live NEAR HIGHLAND, UTAH and you want some carpet cleaning done, Jeff and Judy are from Alpine Professional Carpet Care, we are here in ALPINE, UTAH.

carpet cleaning near highland utah

There are only a few places to buy chemicals and to take classes here in Utah County and Salt Lake County. Everyone buys their equipment and products and takes classes from the same places. You are either washing your carpet or wiping it.      

STEAM CLEANING is washing your carpet. It is the same thing as washing your clothes. Chemical, agitation, heat and time is what cleans your carpet. If you are missing one you have to add more of the other. Using a truck mount, a portable or a rental from Home Depot, is all washing your carpet, the only difference is that a truck mount has more vacuum, heat and water pressure. The truck mounts around here range from 13 HP to 61 HP. The bigger truck mount you have the more vacuum, water pressure and heat you have. I think the most important factor is the technician that comes to your house. I have been cleaning carpets for over 20 years now the first 5 years of cleaning carpets I made a lot of mistakes. I still make them once in a while, but fewer now.  

Bonnet or encapulate cleaning is wiping the carpet. When you spill something on your clothes you can wipe them down with a wet cloth, but sooner or later you will need to wash them. Encapulate cleaning you need to vacuum really well with a good vacuum so that the encapulate doesn’t suspend the dry soil. 95 percent of all the dirt is dry dirt and can be vacuumed up. The rest is an oily substance or sugary that sticks to the fibers of the carpet. The encapuclean breaks the sugary and oily substance away from the fiber and suspends it a liquid form and when it dries it is crystalized and you are suppose to vacuum it up when it dries. Otherwise everything is still in the carpet. Not very much comes out on the bonnet and nothing comes out with a brush. When spilling something on your carpet according to IICRC standards you are suppose to blot your carpet not rub or wipe it, this will leave a wear spot. Bonneting plush carpet will leave one big wear spot all over your carpet, leaving it dull and warn. Commercial grade carpet is really tough. It can be bonnet cleaned a couple times and then it needs to be steamed cleaned to keep the cost down and always have the carpet looking good for your business. In a business, bonnet cleaning after steam cleaning the traffic areas will make the carpet look better for a longer period of time using, A.R.A. will also help. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner will come with a +$20,000 carpet cleaning machine, thousands of dollars of chemicals to get out different spots in your carpet and lots of equipment to make sure it is cleaned properly and the knowledge to use all this stuff. I guess the real questions are: How are you going to wash my carpets? and Do you have the equipment and experience to do a good job for me?

When carpet cleaning for you, we will do everything possible to protect your home.