If you need carpet cleaning in Cedar Hills, Utah, we are a local carpet cleaning company. I, Jeff Tobian, started Alpine Professional Carpet Care in 1994. If you give us a call, I will be the one to answer the phone and the one to come out and clean your carpets. We are right next door, in Alpine, Utah. 

I have a lot of experience and training to make sure your carpets are being cleaned right.

So give us a call.

Alpine Professional Carpet Care 801-756-2275

Here we were carpet cleaning in Cedar Hills Utah and we were using Lawn pic's so the hot water line from our truckmount won't burn their grass.

Many people ask me after I get my carpets cleaned will they get dirty faster.  It is the same as washing your cloths , when you wash your cloths do they get dirty faster,  NO because when you are washing your cloths you rinse your cloths very well to get all the soap out of the carpet and it is the same thing when you are having your carpets cleaned . The key to carpet cleaning is making your carpets are rinsed well so they do not resoil because the main purpose of the pespray is to attract the soil in a liquid form to make it easier to rinse away.  Have you tried to clean your cloths with out using soap.  It does not work very well

Using a few fans in a room and having the fire place on in the winter time really helps dry the carpet when I am carpet cleaning in Cedar hills Utah. I cleaned this room first and it was almost dry before I left. Get it clean and then get it dry. Blowing hot dry air across the carpet dries the carpet really fast