If you live in Highland, Utah, you are close, because we are right here in Alpine. My name is Jeff Tobian, and I have been in business here in Alpine since 1994. I have a powerful truck mount and a big hightop Promaster van full of carpet cleaning equipment to make sure your carpet is being cleaned properly. When you call Alpine Professional Carpet Care, you will get me to clean your carpets and not just any employee.


Here we were cleaning this home theater room in Highland Utah

Many people ask me how long will it take for my carpets to dry after I get them cleaned and it all depends on how warm it is inside the home  and if you add airmovement it will accelerate the drying process, just think of a hair blow drier heat and airmovement dries the carpet ,  even if a room is full of steam the hair blow drier still will dry your hair. We have lots of fans in our carpet cleaning van and we can get your carpets dry in no time after we clean them

This is our Highland Utah carpet cleaning van

We will bring in a bucket of sliders to move the furniture around so we can clean the whole room and not just part of the room.

Give us a call, we will do a great job of cleaning your carpets for you.

Alpine Professional Carpet Care, Inc.