How to get blood out of the carpet

How to get blood out of the carpet when we are carpet cleaning in Highland Utah. We got a call because someone passed away in this gym in the middle of the night and when we got the call in the morning we got there right a way.  So first we flooded the area with a protein spotter over and over again to make sure we flushed out the carpet really well. We used this bucket of protein spotter and a water claw that will suck right through the carpet. Then we sprayed down some Hydrogen Peroxide to kill any bacteria that might be in the carpet. Then we cleaned the carpet with out powerful truckmounted unit and a carpet cleaning wand. Then when we were all done we sprayed a disinfectant fungicide on the carpet.

Take a look at this video. You can see how my bucket, that I made into a watering pail, to use with my water claw works really well to flush out everything in the carpet.