Carpet cleaning in Springville Utah

Carpet cleaning service in Springville Utah.  801-756-2275     We have been cleaning carpets now in Springville Utah for over 20 years now , When you call Alpine Professional carpet Care you get my wife Judy or I on the phone and Judy and myself will be the ones that comes out to clean your carpets, i have been cleaning carpets now for 30 years and we have the best equipment and products to get your carpets the cleanest they have ever been since they were new. 

When we are cleaning your carpets we do everything  we can to protect your home

Can you see the difference we are making on this carpet?  We prespray the carpet and we use a Brush Pro on the carpet to loosen up all the dirt to make it easy to rinse away and then after we are done steam cleaning your carpets we will setup airmovers to help the drying process

Using a seal-a-door in the winter time helps it stay warm inside your home and in the Summer time it keeps the pets,and kids in and the bugs out . We put down tarps and blankets to protect your floor

This is our carpet cleaning van and it has a very powerful truckmounted carpet cleaning unit inside the van. With a #5 blower and a heater 3,000 psi water pump it does a great job when we are cleaning your carpets.  We also have a big van full of carpet cleaning equipment to make sure the job is done right, What other carpet cleaner carries 10 carpet cleaning fans in their van to dry the carpets with.