How to get a red spot out of the carpet

Getting a red spot out of the carpet.  We were called to clean the carpets in this home because thier dog started eating the ginger bread house on the carpet and all the food coloring from the ginger bread house made a mess of the carpet. First thing you do is vacuum up as much as possible and then clean it the best you can. Then it will leave a dye stain in the carpet. There are a lot of products out there for this, Red Relief, Red One and in this case I am using Chemspec, Red X It. You can use a wallpaper steamer or a regular steamer. If you do not have a steamer you can get a white towel and get it wet and then ring it out and put a clothes iron on the steam setting. Make sure you fill the iron with water.  Put the product on the red area and put the damp towel down and the iron on top of the towel to make the product steam. This makes the chemical work faster. These  products are reducers and they have Ammonia in them and that is why I am wearing this mask.  So we are trying to take out the color from the food dye and not take out the color of the carpet. It can be a little tricky. This is a before and after picture of the job we did.

We always try to get out all the spots when we are carpet cleaning

On this job it was a sports drink spilled on the carpet in this church. It took a while to get the red out of the carpet. When we get all the red out of the carpet, we rinse the carpet very well so the product does not keep working on the carpet.