Things you can do in Alpine Utah

  1. Take a hike to Horsetail Falls .   Horsetail Falls trail head is in the very north east end of Alpine Utah it is the Dry Creek Trail Head. The hike is about 2.1 miles long but it is worth the hike. It is best to take this hike in the spring time when the water is flowing more.  It is a steep hike and you will gain 1,600 feet in elevation.
  2. Take a hike to Lake Hardy.   This is a very hard hike and you better make sure to take plenty of water. You gain about 5,000 feet in elevation and the trail head is in the very north of Alpine Utah.  This is an all day hike so start early in the morning and bring food and water.  It is best to do this hike in the spring time and the fall when it is not so hot.
  3. Mountain biking.   For a easy ride you can start a the Rodeo grounds  and ride through Lambert Park and the trail keeps going . (Lambert Park is 255 acres) and for a harder ride you can start on the ridge of Draper and there is a trail that takes you down to Alpine Utah.  There are trails that take you all over Alpine. 
  4. Deer hunting.  In the late summer the deer hunt starts. First the bow hunt , then the muzzle loading hunt, then the rifle hunt .  You can hunt the mountains around Alpine Utah but you have to be on the national forest and away from any homes.
  5. Alpine Days.  There are a lot of things to do for Alpine Days but the things I like to do the best is the  rodeo, the parade, the fire works and listening to live music at the carnival.  You will see everyone that lives here at Alpine days.
  6. Tennis.   There is two places to play tennis in Alpine Utah , Creekside Park and Burgess park.
  7. Snoasis.  On a hot summer night you can go to Snoasis to get a snow cone and you will run into people you know that live here. It is the thing to do on a hot summer night, have a snow cone and talk to friends.
  8. The Splash pad at Creekside Park.  On a hot summer day you can take your kids to Creekside Park, play tennis, basketball, ride skateboards, play on the grass field and play in the splash pad at the park.  You can also play sand volleyball. There is also play grounds and picnic tables all over the park.
  9. Food trucks in the park.  On Monday evening, during the summer, they have food trucks in the park and sometimes they have a live band that will play on a summer night, great fun with family and friends.
  10. Have a picnic lunch at Moyle Historical Park.  It is a great place to learn about some of the history of Alpine Utah, (John Rowe Moyle)   
  11. Alpine Art Center.  The Alpine Art Center is an art gallery, they also have wedding receptions and corporate events there.
  12. Taking family pictures. In a short period of time, in the spring, the poppies bloom in Lambert Park and that is a great time to have your pictures taken and you can also go to Peterson Park and have your pictures taken by the bridge, or you can go up Dry Creek Trail Head and have your picture taken by the river side. 
  13. Watching the wildlife here in Alpine Utah.  We see deer everyday, here in alpine and lots of other wildlife and that is one of the main reasons I like living here.