How to put a hose hook on your carpet cleaning wand

    This is how to put a hose hook on your carpet cleaning wand, so the hook is not in the way and you always have the hose hook with you when you need it. When you get all the hoses to the top of the stairs, this will keep your hoses from going down the stairs and keep them in one place. This way it will not move back and forth when you are carpet cleaning and rub on the walls and the sides of the stairs. This is nice to have with you when you are dropping your hoses off the fourth floor balcony. Some carpet cleaners like to use gear ties and not a hose hook but I like to use both. It is nice to have when your hoses are going down the stairs so only the hose you don't need goes down the stairs. It is just good hose management to keep your hose in one place. 

They also sell these hose hooks that are made to stay out of the way and the hook is a little softer but they both work great. 

carpet cleaning hose hook.jpg