Tile and grout cleaning a bathroom counter in Utah County

Cleaning the tile and grout in a bathroom is a lot of work because we are on our hands and knees and a lot of hand scrubbing the tile and grout. We have a few small cleaning tools we use but we also use a hand brush to scrub all the edges by hand. We put a tile cleaning product on all the tile and we hand scrub all the tile to loosen up all the dirt. Then we rinse and steam clean the tile and grout with our truck mount and a small spinner tool. Then when we are all done, we set up air movers to dry. When it is all dry we inspect all the tile and grout to make sure there are not any dark areas and then we seal floor. If it natural stone tile, we seal the whole floor or counter top, if it is man made ceramic or porcelain, we only seal the grout. Using an alkaline cleaner will clean the grout lines and using an acidic cleaner will etch the grout lines making it look clean but really a thin layer of grout is taken off when using an acid to clean with. So we always try to clean the tile first, and last case scenario, if you can not get the grout cleaned then you can etch it with an acid. Never use an acid on natural stone it will make the tile look dull.

Tile and grout cleaning in Lehi, bathroom counter.jpg

This is a small spinner tool an SX7.

tile and grout cleaning in lehi, the edge of the bathroom counter.jpg

This is a steam cleaning tool to get to the hard to get areas.

Tile and grout cleaning in Lehi, the outside of the tub.jpg

Here we are cleaning the side of the bath tub.

Here are a few videos of Alpine Professional Carpet Care cleaning tile and grout in Utah County.