Spot Carpet Cleaning in Utah County

When getting out a spot in the carpet it first helps to know what kind of stain or spot it is in the carpet. For an example synthetic food dyes, organic stains, petroleum stains, protein stains and PH shifts, like a rust stain, you have a different procedure to get out the spot in the carpet. So it really helps to know what is in the carpet because there is not one good product to get out all the spots in the carpet. When you heat up the spot, it breaks down the spot and makes your product work better so using a steamer to get out a spot in the carpet sometimes really helps but not always. Getting blood in the carpet, it is best to use cold water. At Alpine Professional Carpet Care we always try to get out all the spots in the carpet when we are carpet cleaning in Utah County. We also have lots of different products to get out different spots in your carpet.

Spot carpet cleaning in Utah.jpg

We are heating this syrup spot in the carpet with a steamer that is very hard. It makes it softer and easier to flush out of the carpet.