How do you get old vomit stain out of the carpet

         The best thing you can do to clean up old dog vomit on the carpet is to vacuum up as much as you can first, then rinse with an upholstery dry tool. The upholstery tool does not spray and force the vomit into the backing of the carpet, it is just flushing out what ever it touches. It is a really good tool to take care of this problem so the spot will not come back when it dries. Then you need to deodorize and disinfect the carpet and then rinse again. When you rinse the carpet it is best to rinse the carpet with a solution that is under a 7 ph level. Then we clean the whole room and set up air movers to dry. This way it is like it never happened. If you do not have an upholstery tool you can use a shop vacuum and a spray bottle, vacuum and spray then vacuum again then repeat

cleaning up a dog mess.JPG