Does the front door have to be open when I am getting my carpets cleaned?

              If you are getting some carpet cleaning in Utah County , you will not have to leave your front wide open when we clean your carpets. We have this seal-a-door to seal off the front door , this way we can keep it warm inside your home when we are cleaning and when we are done cleaning the carpets in a room we set up an airmover  and keeping it warm inside your home will help our airmovers  work better and dry the carpet much faster, In the summer time keeping the bugs out and the kids and pets in , this will also helps with that.  This way in the summer you can keep the air on when we are carpet cleaning . We can also shut the door some and that will also help.  The seal-a-door has felt ends that are spring loaded so it will not scratch your door frame. It is just the little things we do that are going to make a difference when we are carpet cleaning your home 


Take a look how easy it is to get in and out of the front door with our seal-a-door when we are cleaning your home