Alpine Professional Carpet Care, carpet cleaning in Utah County

Sometimes it is just the little things that you do that make a difference, when we are carpet cleaning in your home. Here at Alpine Professional Carpet Care, we care to do the very best job we can do. We have the experience and the right equipment to make sure your carpets are the cleanest they have ever been. We clean because we care.

When you call Alpine Professional Carpet Care and you want some carpet cleaning done in Utah county, this is what you can except. First we will do everything to protect your home. Starting with using lawn pics to keep our hoses on the sidewalks and to keep our hot water line from burning your grass. Then we will cover the floor that we are not cleaning and put up Huggers and corners guards to protect your walls. We also put up a Seal-A-Door to keep it warm inside the home in the winter time and in the summer, it keeps the pets in and the bugs out.  

Then we will pre spray the carpet to loosen up all the dirt and scrub it with our Brush Pro. Then we use our powerful truck mount and a carpet cleaning wand to steam clean and rinse out all the dirt in your carpet. When we are done cleaning a room, we will set up a fan to help the drying process. My wife and I always look for spots in the carpet to make sure the carpet looks great when we are done. If there is something you want moved, just ask and we can move it. We have furniture sliders to help with moving your couch or other items. Then we will put plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks under the legs so it won't leave rust spots and the wood stain on the wooded legs won't leave a stain in your carpet. We carry lots of different products in our van to get out various spots in your carpet, because every spot needs a different product to get it out. Just like different types of carpet needs a different pre spray and rinse. You would not use the same product on a wool carpet as an Olefin or nylon carpet.  We always take a look at the carpet to see the best way to go about cleaning the carpet so we can make sure it will come out the cleanest it has ever been.

On this video can you see what a difference we are making on the carpet using this RX20?

We have been in business here in Alpine Utah now since 1994. I have been cleaning carpets since 1986. Give us a call 801-756-2275 and we will do a great job for you.