Alpine Professional Carpet Care, Upholstery cleaning In Utah County

When we are upholstery cleaning in Utah County we make sure to get out all the spots out of the sofa and that is why we make sure we get it dry before we leave to make sure sure it looks great  Here, you can see we are drying the cushions. We put down a canvas tarp to protect the floor and keep the cushions clean.  There was pen marks on the couch and we got it all out.  That is why this customer called us

When we are upholstery cleaning in Utah County. We make sure to protect your home, by covering the floor and protecting the walls. We bring in a table to clean the cushions on and we bring in air movers and a tarp to set the cushions on to dry. We first scrub the sofa with a fabric shampoo and a horse hair brush to loosen up all the dirt on your couch and then we steam clean it with our powerful truck mount and an upholstery tool. Then we brush out the stroke lines with a brass brush then set up air movers to dry. This way we can see what it looks like when it is dry and check everywhere to make sure it looks great and there are no spots on the upholstery

Here you can see we use a fold up table to clean your upholstery on and the bucket on the table is the fabric shampoo we use to scrub the sofa with.

In this video you can see us scrubbing the cushion with the fabric shampoo, then using an upholstery tool to rinse and clean the upholstery.