Alpine Professional Carpet Care, Tile and grout cleaning in Utah County

When Alpine Professional Carpet Care cleans your tile and grout in Utah County, we first pre spray the tile with the right pre spray, natural stone takes a different pre spray, than ceramic  tile. Then we scrub the tile with a buffer with a brush block and a grout brush to loosen up all the dirt to make it easy to clean and rinse away. We also have this spinner tool that pressure washes the tile with boiling hot water as it vacuums it away at the same time, while staying in this dome so it does not make a mess.

alpine professional carpet care, tile and grout cleaning in Utah county.jpg

Scrubbing the tile and grout is very important before we steam clean it with our spinner tool and our Gekko and Corbra tool. The Gekko tool is a wand that has 4 jets to get the edges of the tile and the Corbra tool is a small tool to get to clean the hard to get places like around the toilet.

Here, in this video you can see us using a spinner tool to clean the tile and the picture below, I am using a Corbra tool to clean next to the base boards. When we are all done cleaning the tile, we set up air movers to get it dry so we can go around and look for bad spots and get them with my hand tool. It sometimes looks different when it is dry, that is why we need to get it dry before we leave.

using a hand tool to clean the tile and grout in Utah County.jpg