Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning in Provo Utah

Commercial Tile and grout cleaning in Provo Utah

We were cleaning the tile and grout in this restaurant in Provo. First we pre sprayed the tile with the right product and then we scrubbed the tile with a buffer that had a brush block on it. After that we went over the bad areas with a grout brush. Then we steamed the tile with our spinner tool and our truck mount. It spins, sprays, and sucks the water inside the dome of the tool so it does not makes a mess. We also have a hand tool to get the edges of the tile. Then we set up air movers to dry. When the tile is dry we look around to look for bad spots that we might have missed.

In this video you can see that I am scrubbing the tile with my buffer.

And in this video you can see that I am using my spinner tool to rinse and clean the tile.