Garage floor cleaning service in Utah County

Cleaning a garage floor in Utah county, we first spray the whole floor with a cement cleaning product then we scrub the floor with a buffer, some times we use a green pad and other times we use a brush block, then we steam clean the tile with this spinner tool. We go over the edges with a Gekko tool and a Corbra tool. Then we squeegee and mop the floor.  Then we set up air movers to dry. While we are waiting for the cement to dry we look for anything that is stuck to the floor. Sometimes we have to scrape things off the floor. We bring in a lot of equipment to clean your garage floor to make sure it is cleaned right So just give us a call 801-756-2275

If you are moving into a new home and we are cleaning your carpets, let us clean your garage also, because it is really nice to move into a new home with a clean garage.  

Looking at this video will give you an idea on how we clean your garage floor.