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When you call Alpine Professional Carpet Care, you are calling a family owned and operated business. We are a husband and wife carpet cleaning business, The Jeff and Judy team. It is just the little things that we do that are going to make it the best carpet cleaning experience you have ever had. We cater to all the little details because we care. We have been in business, cleaning carpets now since 1994. Well take a look at some of these videos and pictures and you can see how we can make a difference in your carpets when we are carpet cleaning. 

Pre scrubbing the pre spray in so important. Just take a look at this video and you can see how the right product for the right carpet and soil can loosen up all the soil in the carpet ready for the cleaning process.

In this video you can see how an RX-20 works on the carpet. It just goes over and over until the carpet is really clean.  It is like a clothes washing machine, just rinsing and cleaning over and over again with hot boiling water. It is like 5 carpet cleaning wands going over an area 100 times to make sure it is clean. 

It is so easy to use, I can run the RX20 with just one hand and in this video you can see the difference I am making on the carpet.

Here, I am flushing the pet urine out of the carpet and the pad with my OSR water pail  and a water claw. The water claw can retrieve the water from the pad right through the carpet. When I was done cleaning the carpet, I left fans and picked them up the next day and none of the carpet smelled like pet urine. I know because I was there the next day to pick up my fans. 

Here I am cleaning the carpet with a carpet cleaning wand. Can you see what a great job my wife and I are doing?


Not just cleaning the carpets is important but making sure the carpet dries fast is also important. I always carry at least 10 fans in my carpet cleaning van.

Here you can see after I clean a room, I setup a fan to start the drying process.

Sometimes I clean the living room first and turn the fire place on so the carpet cleaning fans blow hot dry air across the carpet. On this job, this room was dry before I left this customer's house. 

We were cleaning the tile and the carpet in Orem Utah and this is some of the equipment, we use to clean with. 

Our water line is so hot, I have to use these lawn pic's to keep my water pressure line from burning the grass.