I used white vinegar on my natural stone and now it is dull looking

Don't use white vinegar on your natural stone counter top or floor

If you are cleaning your natural stone floor or counter top like Marble, Limestone, Granite, Slate, Quartz or Travertine ect. if you use white vinegar on the natural stone it will react with the lime in the stone and etch  or take off a layer of the stone and make it look dull and take away the beauty of the stone. So use a mile soap that is for natural stone and make sure the PH level is above 7  .  White vinegar is a mild  acid and I think the PH level is about 5 .   You will run into this a lot with marble counter tops and floors.     

So there is a way to fix this problem. You can go to Amazon and order this product Dia-Glo for marble floors and use your drill with a pad like this in the picture below and follow the directions on the product. It is a diamond power product that is for polishing the marble stone and it will bring back the shine. You add water to it and it will have a milky look to it . Go over it for about 30 seconds and wipe it with a towel and see if it looks the same. Just keep doing it until it looks the same as the rest of the  marble does that was not cleaned by the white vinegar.     I used this product on my customers marble floor because she cleaned around her toilet using white vinegar on her marble floor and she was so unhappy she was going to pull all the marble flooring out of her bathroom .  So I told her I could fix her problem she was really happy the way it looked.  This product Dia-Glo really works if done righ