How to get an indentation out of the carpet

When your furniture leaves a indentation in your carpet , this is how you can fix that

When you move your furniture around it often times leaves an indentation in your carpet, I have seen post saying to put ice cubes on the carpet and what that will do is slowly drip water into the pad and make the pad under your carpet swell,  But you need to steam the carpet to loosen the carpet fibers and the backing of the carpet. The best way is using a wall paper steamer but any steamer will do .   If you do not have a steamer you can use a cloths iron ,  set the iron on the steam setting and use a wet towel like the one that I have in the video below. I carpet clean a lot of home that someone is moving out of the home and someone new is moving in .  They both have different furniture and so when I am carpet cleaning the house I get the furniture dents out of the carpet this way and it does work

When someone new is moving into a new home and we are carpet cleaning , it helps to get all the indentations out of the carpet