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                                        We started our carpet cleaning business back in 1994. This is a family  owned and operated business. Judy and I, Jeffrey Tobian are the ones that answer the phone and we are the ones that come out to your home to clean your carpets. When you call Alpine Professional Carpet Care, you are getting someone that has been to all the carpet cleaning classes and has been cleaning carpets for 30 years. We have all the up to date equipment and the knowledge on how to use the right equipment and products for the job at hand.                                                          We spend a lot of time protecting your home, by putting down tarps and blankets on the floor that we are not cleaning and Huggers and corner guards to protect the walls and railing in your home. We also put up a seal-a-door to keep it warm inside the home in the winter time and in the summer time it keeps the kids and pets inside the home and the bugs out. The reason we care so much is because you are calling the owners of the business and not just an employee. It is the little things that we do that are going to make a difference when we are carpet cleaning your home.                                                                                                   If there is a spot in your carpet and we know what it is, we will have the product and will know how to get the spot out. Not only will your carpets be the cleanest they have ever been but after we are done cleaning a room, we will set up fans to help the drying process. Getting your carpets clean and then get them dry. If you want something moved, there is two of us to move things and we have buckets of sliders to move your furniture and then we will put plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks under your furniture legs so the wood will not bleed on the carpet and the metal tabs will not leave rust spots on your carpet. We are great for problem solving your carpet cleaning needs. If you have some urine damage or a spot in your carpet, to cleaning your garage floor, give us a call and we will know what to do to fix your problem. We had a customer just moved into a place and the owner had the carpets cleaned and they are allergic to pets, they were having an allergic reaction and they called us. We re-cleaned the carpet and treated the carpet with an allergy treatment and fixed their problem.

Every carpet is different, you need to use a different product on wool carpet, the PH needs to be between 6 and 9 and their are special products for cleaning olefin carpet because it is oil loving. Well, my point is every house I go about cleaning it differently because of different fibers and different soils need different products to clean with. Just like there is water soluble soil and non water soluble soil and you need to treat them differently. For an example dirt and oil are non water soluble soil and sugar is a water soluble soil. Getting an oil spot wet first, just makes it harder to get out. 

This is our tools we use when we are carpet cleaning

The important part of carpet cleaning:  prevacuuming  the carpet to pick up all the dry soil so when you prespray the carpet you do not make mud and then try to clean it. Using the right product for the right soil and fiber. Adding some agitation like when you are washing your clothes on a wash board or scrubbing the clothes together. Allowing time for the chemical to work and dwell, and heat so the chemical works faster and better. Setting the pile with a carpet cleaning rake, and last putting some dry equipment to speed up the drying process.

Here is some of the equipment we use to clean your carpets and your tile and grout:                       

 ~ we have a carpet cleaning service                                                                                                  

~ tile and grout cleaning service                                                                                                        

~ upholstery cleaning service                                                                                                            

~ water damage service                                                                                                                    

~ pressure washing service                                                                                                                  

The Jeff and Judy carpet cleaning crew that cares about your needs. We do everything necessary your guarantee satisfaction

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