Water damage in Alpine Utah

Water damage service in Alpine Utah, in this picture you can see that our customer left their garden hose on in the winter time and the water in the garden hose froze and backed up into the faucet that is connected to the house, then when it hits the valve it can't go any more so it breaks and the next time someone used that faucet it will flood the basement, because the break is inside of the home. So Just remember to always unhook your garden hose from your faucet when you are getting into the winter time.  It is kind of a delayed reaction because it could be in the middle of the summer time, the next time you use that faucet and you are not thinking about the fact that you left the garden hose on the faucet in the winter time but the pipe is still broken. When you go to wash your car, you flood your basement.  We are trying to give you a helpful tip on always making sure your garden hose is not connect to your home in the winter time.

Here are some of the water damage jobs we have done lately. Remember, we only do one water damage at a time so we can pay more attention to your home. Many times we can take care of your problem for under your deductible so you will not have to make an insurance claim.

We charge $125.00 minimum service charge and we charge $100 and hour for a two man crew for all the work that we do. Our equipment charge is $25 a day per fan per day and our dehumidifier is $75 dollars a day for a large Dehumidifier and a small one is $45 a day and we monitor our equipment everyday and in most cases we can get it dry in two or three days