How to get wax out of the carpet

                    The first thing is to put water in the iron and put is on steam. Then get the white towel wet and wring it out. Then put the damp towel on the wax spot and make the wax soft by putting the hot steamy iron on top of the towel,  then take a butter knife and scrape the wax that is on top of the carpet. Then put the towel and the iron on top of the towel over the spot and the towel will absorb the wax. You will have to keep the towel moving around until it absorbs all the wax in the carpet. I would do this with a cheap towel because you will want to throw it away when you are done. Some people do this with a brown paper bag but the towel works better and the brown paper bag has lettering on it sometimes and the lettering can bleed on to the carpet and that is hard to get out. If the wax has a color in it, the wax might dye the carpet, then you will have to do the same thing but you will have to use Red Relief by Pro's Choice Supply. When you are all done mist the spot with water with a trigger sprayer and vacuum with a shop vacuum,  Then set a small fan next to the spot to dry the carpet. If some of the wax spills on the wall you can wrap the towel around the iron and rub the wax off the wall, it works.

Getting out all the wax in the carpet is important before we start our carpet cleaning service