Soap free carpet cleaning in Utah County

If you want a safer carpet cleaning product  that is  hypo-allergenic, with no odor, no VOC's, no rapid resoiling, no soapy sticky residue. We can use this safe carpet cleaning product, Procyon. It is safe to breath and safe for your children in the home. The carpets will stay cleaner longer and dries faster and feels softer and it is a wool safe. carpet cleaning product that is a green cleaning product and it is also good for the environment. This product has been green seal certified. Procyon soap free products were determined by Green seal to be non-toxic and free of ingredients causing oral inhalation or dermal toxicity, as well as free of asthmagens, skin sensitizers and heavy metals including lead, hexavalent chromium, or selenium. This is a great carpet cleaning product for cleaning schools, hospital, day cares, and businesses that are open.  So, if you want us to use a carpet cleaning product that works well and is safe to use, give us a call 801-756-2275

This is a safe product to use when we are carpet cleaning