How to get the lint balls off your upholstery (pilling)

Getting the fuzz balls off your upholstery can be a challenge. Using a fabric shaver to do this makes it a lot easier, When we clean your upholstery, we always use a fabric shaver on the cushions to get rid of all the pilling on the upholstery. This happens when there is wear on the fabric like the sides of the cushions, where they rub together.  Fabrics like wool, cotton, polyester, nylon and acrylic do this more because of the short fiber strands and linen and silk do this less because the fiber strands are longer. Also, knitted fabrics pill more than woven fabrics. You can get this fabric shaver at amazon, they are only around twenty dollars.  This is something you can do while you are watching television or Netflix.

fabric shaver.jpg

Before we start the cleaning process on your upholstery we make sure we get all the pilling off the upholstery by using a fabric shaver. This makes the upholstery look a lot better.  This works better when the fabric is dry and that is why we do this first.  Here is a video of us using a fabric shaver on this cushion

When we are upholstery cleaning we always get rid of all the pilling first with a fabric shaver