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It is starting to get colder now and we can seal off the front door with a seal a door when we are carpet cleaning your home in Alpine Utah , We can also leave some airmovers to help the drying process if you live in Alpine, then we can pick them in the morning and your carpets should be dry before dinner time if we clean your carpets first thing in the morning Here is one of our reviews Hugh Biesinger

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2 weeks ago

Alpine Professional Carpet Care is by far the best Carpet cleaning business I have ever used! We have five kids for grandkids a cat and a dog, so we definitely need a company who really cares about helping us with our carpet cleaning needs. I have found that with Alpine Carpet Cleaning I am never disappointed in their service. I would honestly never have anyone else come into my home and care for my carpets but them.
Thank you!

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I am using a carpet cleaning wand but first we presprayed the carpet and then we went over it with a brush pro to loosen up all the soil in the carpet to make it easy to rinse away.

here is a map on where our business is in Alpine Utah

If you need some carpet cleaning done is Alpine , we are right here and we can be there in no time at all