carpet cleaning polyester carpet in Lehi Utah

Sometimes cleaning heavily soiled polyeter carpet can be challenge, but with the right equipment and the right products we can get great reults like the before and after picture below . We have a product that is just for polyester carpet, that loosen the soil and suspend it in a liquid form to make it easier to rince away with our rotovac 360i and then our carpet cleaning wand, We can not take the wear away but we can make it clean just like an old pair of jeans, clean and worn . This is a perfect example that the Jeff and Judy team does everything they can to make sure the carpets are going to be the cleanest they have ever been. So give us a call you will be glad you did 801-756-2275

carpet cleaning in Lehi Utah, making a difference.jpg

Here we are showing you how well the rotocac works, just take a look at this video