Does the front door have to be open when I am getting my carpets cleaned?

              If you are getting some carpet cleaning in Utah County , you will not have to leave your front wide open when we clean your carpets. We have this seal-a-door to seal off the front door , this way we can keep it warm inside your home when we are cleaning and when we are done cleaning the carpets in a room we set up an airmover  and keeping it warm inside your home will help our airmovers  work better and dry the carpet much faster, In the summer time keeping the bugs out and the kids and pets in , this will also helps with that.  This way in the summer you can keep the air on when we are carpet cleaning . We can also shut the door some and that will also help.  The seal-a-door has felt ends that are spring loaded so it will not scratch your door frame. It is just the little things we do that are going to make a difference when we are carpet cleaning your home 


Take a look how easy it is to get in and out of the front door with our seal-a-door when we are cleaning your home

How do you get old vomit stain out of the carpet

         The best thing you can do to clean up old dog vomit on the carpet is to vacuum up as much as you can first, then rinse with an upholstery dry tool. The upholstery tool does not spray and force the vomit into the backing of the carpet, it is just flushing out what ever it touches. It is a really good tool to take care of this problem so the spot will not come back when it dries. Then you need to deodorize and disinfect the carpet and then rinse again. When you rinse the carpet it is best to rinse the carpet with a solution that is under a 7 ph level. Then we clean the whole room and set up air movers to dry. This way it is like it never happened. If you do not have an upholstery tool you can use a shop vacuum and a spray bottle, vacuum and spray then vacuum again then repeat

cleaning up a dog mess.JPG

How do I get mud foot prints off my carpet

If you want to know how to get mud out of the carpet because someone was outside and stepped in the mud and then walked on the carpet with out taking off their shoes. The best think you can do is wait until the it dries and then you will be able to vacuum it all up. If you take a towel to it and try to wipe it up you will grind the dirt into the fibers and then you will have to wash the carpet. Dirt is not water soluble so it is always best to let it dry and then just vacuum it up.  Put dirt into a glass of water, it will fall to the bottom of the glass, if you stir the dirt and the water in time it will settle to the bottom of the glass

Using a vacuum is great for getting dry soil out of the carpet

Using a vacuum is great for getting dry soil out of the carpet

Here is more about carpet cleaning

How to get the lint balls off your upholstery (pilling)

Getting the fuzz balls off your upholstery can be a challenge. Using a fabric shaver to do this makes it a lot easier, When we clean your upholstery, we always use a fabric shaver on the cushions to get rid of all the pilling on the upholstery. This happens when there is wear on the fabric like the sides of the cushions, where they rub together.  Fabrics like wool, cotton, polyester, nylon and acrylic do this more because of the short fiber strands and linen and silk do this less because the fiber strands are longer. Also, knitted fabrics pill more than woven fabrics. You can get this fabric shaver at amazon, they are only around twenty dollars.  This is something you can do while you are watching television or Netflix.

fabric shaver.jpg

Before we start the cleaning process on your upholstery we make sure we get all the pilling off the upholstery by using a fabric shaver. This makes the upholstery look a lot better.  This works better when the fabric is dry and that is why we do this first.  Here is a video of us using a fabric shaver on this cushion

When we are upholstery cleaning we always get rid of all the pilling first with a fabric shaver

Soap free carpet cleaning in Utah County

If you want a safer carpet cleaning product  that is  hypo-allergenic, with no odor, no VOC's, no rapid resoiling, no soapy sticky residue. We can use this safe carpet cleaning product, Procyon. It is safe to breath and safe for your children in the home. The carpets will stay cleaner longer and dries faster and feels softer and it is a wool safe. carpet cleaning product that is a green cleaning product and it is also good for the environment. This product has been green seal certified. Procyon soap free products were determined by Green seal to be non-toxic and free of ingredients causing oral inhalation or dermal toxicity, as well as free of asthmagens, skin sensitizers and heavy metals including lead, hexavalent chromium, or selenium. This is a great carpet cleaning product for cleaning schools, hospital, day cares, and businesses that are open.  So, if you want us to use a carpet cleaning product that works well and is safe to use, give us a call 801-756-2275

This is a safe product to use when we are carpet cleaning

How to treat pet dandruff in the carpet

 Treating  pet dandruff in the carpet is easy.  If you just moved into a place and you are having a allergic reaction , we can fix your problem for you.. We will prevacuum the carpet really well and then treat the carpet with a allergy relief prespray and use a brush pro to scrub it in and the brush pro will get all the pet hair out of the carpet. Then we will steam clean all the carpet with our powerful truckmount and a allergy relief rinsing agent. Then we will spray down a allergy relief treatment on the carpet and rake it in. .  Just look at the review that Brenda gave us because we solved her problem with her husband allergies with the place they just moved into because the last people that lived there had pets and the landlord cleaned the carpets but her husband was still having a allergic reaction to the new place and I am glad we were able to solve her problem for her.  Using the right tool and the right products to clean the carpets with can really make a difference and knowing what to use always helps

carpet cleaning in Utah county.jpg

When you are carpet cleaning this really helps

If you are having a problem with allergies give us a call and I am sure we can help you 801-756-2275


Brenda Caballero

★★★★★ 7 months ago

Alpine Professional Carpet were amazing. My husband has severe allergies. Alpine came in and not only cleaned our carpet but they added an allergen treatment that worked great for my husbands allergies. They are very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Things you can do in Alpine Utah

  1. Take a hike to Horsetail Falls .   Horsetail Falls trail head is in the very north east end of Alpine Utah it is the Dry Creek Trail Head. The hike is about 2.1 miles long but it is worth the hike. It is best to take this hike in the spring time when the water is flowing more.  It is a steep hike and you will gain 1,600 feet in elevation.
  2. Take a hike to Lake Hardy.   This is a very hard hike and you better make sure to take plenty of water. You gain about 5,000 feet in elevation and the trail head is in the very north of Alpine Utah.  This is an all day hike so start early in the morning and bring food and water.  It is best to do this hike in the spring time and the fall when it is not so hot.
  3. Mountain biking.   For a easy ride you can start a the Rodeo grounds  and ride through Lambert Park and the trail keeps going . (Lambert Park is 255 acres) and for a harder ride you can start on the ridge of Draper and there is a trail that takes you down to Alpine Utah.  There are trails that take you all over Alpine. 
  4. Deer hunting.  In the late summer the deer hunt starts. First the bow hunt , then the muzzle loading hunt, then the rifle hunt .  You can hunt the mountains around Alpine Utah but you have to be on the national forest and away from any homes.
  5. Alpine Days.  There are a lot of things to do for Alpine Days but the things I like to do the best is the  rodeo, the parade, the fire works and listening to live music at the carnival.  You will see everyone that lives here at Alpine days.
  6. Tennis.   There is two places to play tennis in Alpine Utah , Creekside Park and Burgess park.
  7. Snoasis.  On a hot summer night you can go to Snoasis to get a snow cone and you will run into people you know that live here. It is the thing to do on a hot summer night, have a snow cone and talk to friends.
  8. The Splash pad at Creekside Park.  On a hot summer day you can take your kids to Creekside Park, play tennis, basketball, ride skateboards, play on the grass field and play in the splash pad at the park.  You can also play sand volleyball. There is also play grounds and picnic tables all over the park.
  9. Food trucks in the park.  On Monday evening, during the summer, they have food trucks in the park and sometimes they have a live band that will play on a summer night, great fun with family and friends.
  10. Have a picnic lunch at Moyle Historical Park.  It is a great place to learn about some of the history of Alpine Utah, (John Rowe Moyle)   
  11. Alpine Art Center.  The Alpine Art Center is an art gallery, they also have wedding receptions and corporate events there.
  12. Taking family pictures. In a short period of time, in the spring, the poppies bloom in Lambert Park and that is a great time to have your pictures taken and you can also go to Peterson Park and have your pictures taken by the bridge, or you can go up Dry Creek Trail Head and have your picture taken by the river side. 
  13. Watching the wildlife here in Alpine Utah.  We see deer everyday, here in alpine and lots of other wildlife and that is one of the main reasons I like living here.

How to take care of urine damage in the carpet

             How to take care of urine damage in the carpet.  At first urine starts out being on the low end of the PH scale and it is acidic. But when it dries it leaves behind all the urine salts in the carpet . This makes the carpet and the pad to stay wet for a long time making it easy for bacteria to grow.  The first thing you need to do is use a acidic cleaner to flush out all the urine salts. This will make the carpet and the pad dry fast and the bacteria will not have time to grow. Then use a urine treatment on the carpet and the pad and give it time to dwell .  Then retrieve the urine treatment with a Water claw,   The water Claw can retrieve the water right through the carpet leaving the pad just moist. Then you need to flush out the urine treatment with hot water so you do not leave any residue behind.  Then you you need to set up some dry equipment to do some Top Down drying to dry the carpet and the pad

Urine damage 3.jpg

In this video below we are retrieving the urine treatment in the carpet and the pad.  It is not the urine that smells , it is the off gases from the bacteria that is living in the carpet and the pad. So you need to kill and get rid of the bacteria that is living your carpet. 

and in this video we are flushing the urine treatment in the carpet and the pad,  Using a black light or a UV light and a moister probe to detect where and how bad the urine is in the carpet is really important.  If the urine is every foot or two in the carpet it is time to replace the carpet. It will cost less to get new carpet and pad, but when You do get new carpet and pad make sure to seal the sub floor with a odor retardant paint like Kilz.    Paint or replace the tact board and get the paint under the baseboard 

How to get wax out of the carpet

                    The first thing is to put water in the iron and put is on steam. Then get the white towel wet and wring it out. Then put the damp towel on the wax spot and make the wax soft by putting the hot steamy iron on top of the towel,  then take a butter knife and scrape the wax that is on top of the carpet. Then put the towel and the iron on top of the towel over the spot and the towel will absorb the wax. You will have to keep the towel moving around until it absorbs all the wax in the carpet. I would do this with a cheap towel because you will want to throw it away when you are done. Some people do this with a brown paper bag but the towel works better and the brown paper bag has lettering on it sometimes and the lettering can bleed on to the carpet and that is hard to get out. If the wax has a color in it, the wax might dye the carpet, then you will have to do the same thing but you will have to use Red Relief by Pro's Choice Supply. When you are all done mist the spot with water with a trigger sprayer and vacuum with a shop vacuum,  Then set a small fan next to the spot to dry the carpet. If some of the wax spills on the wall you can wrap the towel around the iron and rub the wax off the wall, it works.

Getting out all the wax in the carpet is important before we start our carpet cleaning service

Water damage in Alpine Utah

Water damage service in Alpine Utah, in this picture you can see that our customer left their garden hose on in the winter time and the water in the garden hose froze and backed up into the faucet that is connected to the house, then when it hits the valve it can't go any more so it breaks and the next time someone used that faucet it will flood the basement, because the break is inside of the home. So Just remember to always unhook your garden hose from your faucet when you are getting into the winter time.  It is kind of a delayed reaction because it could be in the middle of the summer time, the next time you use that faucet and you are not thinking about the fact that you left the garden hose on the faucet in the winter time but the pipe is still broken. When you go to wash your car, you flood your basement.  We are trying to give you a helpful tip on always making sure your garden hose is not connect to your home in the winter time.

Here are some of the water damage jobs we have done lately. Remember, we only do one water damage at a time so we can pay more attention to your home. Many times we can take care of your problem for under your deductible so you will not have to make an insurance claim.

We charge $125.00 minimum service charge and we charge $100 and hour for a two man crew for all the work that we do. Our equipment charge is $25 a day per fan per day and our dehumidifier is $75 dollars a day for a large Dehumidifier and a small one is $45 a day and we monitor our equipment everyday and in most cases we can get it dry in two or three days

Carpet cleaning in Utah County

Alpine Professional Carpet Care, your carpet cleaning service in Utah County 801-756-2275

                                        We started our carpet cleaning business back in 1994. This is a family  owned and operated business. Judy and I, Jeffrey Tobian are the ones that answer the phone and we are the ones that come out to your home to clean your carpets. When you call Alpine Professional Carpet Care, you are getting someone that has been to all the carpet cleaning classes and has been cleaning carpets for 30 years. We have all the up to date equipment and the knowledge on how to use the right equipment and products for the job at hand.                                                          We spend a lot of time protecting your home, by putting down tarps and blankets on the floor that we are not cleaning and Huggers and corner guards to protect the walls and railing in your home. We also put up a seal-a-door to keep it warm inside the home in the winter time and in the summer time it keeps the kids and pets inside the home and the bugs out. The reason we care so much is because you are calling the owners of the business and not just an employee. It is the little things that we do that are going to make a difference when we are carpet cleaning your home.                                                                                                   If there is a spot in your carpet and we know what it is, we will have the product and will know how to get the spot out. Not only will your carpets be the cleanest they have ever been but after we are done cleaning a room, we will set up fans to help the drying process. Getting your carpets clean and then get them dry. If you want something moved, there is two of us to move things and we have buckets of sliders to move your furniture and then we will put plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks under your furniture legs so the wood will not bleed on the carpet and the metal tabs will not leave rust spots on your carpet. We are great for problem solving your carpet cleaning needs. If you have some urine damage or a spot in your carpet, to cleaning your garage floor, give us a call and we will know what to do to fix your problem. We had a customer just moved into a place and the owner had the carpets cleaned and they are allergic to pets, they were having an allergic reaction and they called us. We re-cleaned the carpet and treated the carpet with an allergy treatment and fixed their problem.

Every carpet is different, you need to use a different product on wool carpet, the PH needs to be between 6 and 9 and their are special products for cleaning olefin carpet because it is oil loving. Well, my point is every house I go about cleaning it differently because of different fibers and different soils need different products to clean with. Just like there is water soluble soil and non water soluble soil and you need to treat them differently. For an example dirt and oil are non water soluble soil and sugar is a water soluble soil. Getting an oil spot wet first, just makes it harder to get out. 

This is our tools we use when we are carpet cleaning

The important part of carpet cleaning:  prevacuuming  the carpet to pick up all the dry soil so when you prespray the carpet you do not make mud and then try to clean it. Using the right product for the right soil and fiber. Adding some agitation like when you are washing your clothes on a wash board or scrubbing the clothes together. Allowing time for the chemical to work and dwell, and heat so the chemical works faster and better. Setting the pile with a carpet cleaning rake, and last putting some dry equipment to speed up the drying process.

Here is some of the equipment we use to clean your carpets and your tile and grout:                       

 ~ we have a carpet cleaning service                                                                                                  

~ tile and grout cleaning service                                                                                                        

~ upholstery cleaning service                                                                                                            

~ water damage service                                                                                                                    

~ pressure washing service                                                                                                                  

The Jeff and Judy carpet cleaning crew that cares about your needs. We do everything necessary your guarantee satisfaction

The link below has some more information about our business

Hello, World!

What kind of carpet do I buy if I have pets

Pet friendly carpet

Carpet cleaning pet proof carpet

          If you you have pets that live in your home, why not have a carpet that is made for having pets.                                                                                                                                         This carpet has a moisture barrier, so if your pet piddles on the carpet the moisture will not get into the pad and sub floor, making it easy to clean up. It is a non- absorbtion carpet and is durable and will look great for a longer time. It has a permanent built in soil and stain protection that will not come off when you get the carpet cleaned. They make this carpet so when you vacuum the carpet the pet hair comes out of the carpet easier. Just by looking at the backing you can see it is water proof. For more information check out Shaw, Mohawk and Stainmaster websites for pet friendly carpet.

How to get a red spot out of the carpet

Getting a red spot out of the carpet.  We were called to clean the carpets in this home because thier dog started eating the ginger bread house on the carpet and all the food coloring from the ginger bread house made a mess of the carpet. First thing you do is vacuum up as much as possible and then clean it the best you can. Then it will leave a dye stain in the carpet. There are a lot of products out there for this, Red Relief, Red One and in this case I am using Chemspec, Red X It. You can use a wallpaper steamer or a regular steamer. If you do not have a steamer you can get a white towel and get it wet and then ring it out and put a clothes iron on the steam setting. Make sure you fill the iron with water.  Put the product on the red area and put the damp towel down and the iron on top of the towel to make the product steam. This makes the chemical work faster. These  products are reducers and they have Ammonia in them and that is why I am wearing this mask.  So we are trying to take out the color from the food dye and not take out the color of the carpet. It can be a little tricky. This is a before and after picture of the job we did.

We always try to get out all the spots when we are carpet cleaning

On this job it was a sports drink spilled on the carpet in this church. It took a while to get the red out of the carpet. When we get all the red out of the carpet, we rinse the carpet very well so the product does not keep working on the carpet.

How to take off a baseboard

The first thing you do is to cut the top of the board, where the caulking is, with a razor blade also cut the corners so when you take off the baseboard you will not take off the paint with it. Then you take a finish pry bar and hammer it all the way down to the floor where it is against the two by four on the ground. Sometimes you can start it with a wide putty knife. Then you can pull the base board back enough to get a bigger pry bar in all the way to the floor so you are pushing against the 2 by 4, this way you will not put a hole in the wall. Start from the middle of the board and work your way to the ends of the board. Doing it this way you will find it pretty easy to take the base board off without breaking it.

We take baseboards off the walls all the time. We put holes in the walls where the baseboards were to allow air into the walls to dry the walls and sometimes we inject air into the walls with tubes and an Inject-A-Dry system.

How to get an indentation out of the carpet

When your furniture leaves a indentation in your carpet , this is how you can fix that

When you move your furniture around it often times leaves an indentation in your carpet, I have seen post saying to put ice cubes on the carpet and what that will do is slowly drip water into the pad and make the pad under your carpet swell,  But you need to steam the carpet to loosen the carpet fibers and the backing of the carpet. The best way is using a wall paper steamer but any steamer will do .   If you do not have a steamer you can use a cloths iron ,  set the iron on the steam setting and use a wet towel like the one that I have in the video below. I carpet clean a lot of home that someone is moving out of the home and someone new is moving in .  They both have different furniture and so when I am carpet cleaning the house I get the furniture dents out of the carpet this way and it does work

When someone new is moving into a new home and we are carpet cleaning , it helps to get all the indentations out of the carpet

I used white vinegar on my natural stone and now it is dull looking

Don't use white vinegar on your natural stone counter top or floor

If you are cleaning your natural stone floor or counter top like Marble, Limestone, Granite, Slate, Quartz or Travertine ect. if you use white vinegar on the natural stone it will react with the lime in the stone and etch  or take off a layer of the stone and make it look dull and take away the beauty of the stone. So use a mile soap that is for natural stone and make sure the PH level is above 7  .  White vinegar is a mild  acid and I think the PH level is about 5 .   You will run into this a lot with marble counter tops and floors.     

So there is a way to fix this problem. You can go to Amazon and order this product Dia-Glo for marble floors and use your drill with a pad like this in the picture below and follow the directions on the product. It is a diamond power product that is for polishing the marble stone and it will bring back the shine. You add water to it and it will have a milky look to it . Go over it for about 30 seconds and wipe it with a towel and see if it looks the same. Just keep doing it until it looks the same as the rest of the  marble does that was not cleaned by the white vinegar.     I used this product on my customers marble floor because she cleaned around her toilet using white vinegar on her marble floor and she was so unhappy she was going to pull all the marble flooring out of her bathroom .  So I told her I could fix her problem she was really happy the way it looked.  This product Dia-Glo really works if done righ

Carpet cleaning in Utah

Carpet cleaning service in Utah 801-756-2275

When you call Alpine Professional Carpet Care, you are calling a family owned and operated business. We are a husband and wife carpet cleaning business, The Jeff and Judy team. It is just the little things that we do that are going to make it the best carpet cleaning experience you have ever had. We cater to all the little details because we care. We have been in business, cleaning carpets now since 1994. Well take a look at some of these videos and pictures and you can see how we can make a difference in your carpets when we are carpet cleaning. 

Pre scrubbing the pre spray in so important. Just take a look at this video and you can see how the right product for the right carpet and soil can loosen up all the soil in the carpet ready for the cleaning process.

In this video you can see how an RX-20 works on the carpet. It just goes over and over until the carpet is really clean.  It is like a clothes washing machine, just rinsing and cleaning over and over again with hot boiling water. It is like 5 carpet cleaning wands going over an area 100 times to make sure it is clean. 

It is so easy to use, I can run the RX20 with just one hand and in this video you can see the difference I am making on the carpet.

Here, I am flushing the pet urine out of the carpet and the pad with my OSR water pail  and a water claw. The water claw can retrieve the water from the pad right through the carpet. When I was done cleaning the carpet, I left fans and picked them up the next day and none of the carpet smelled like pet urine. I know because I was there the next day to pick up my fans. 

Here I am cleaning the carpet with a carpet cleaning wand. Can you see what a great job my wife and I are doing?


Not just cleaning the carpets is important but making sure the carpet dries fast is also important. I always carry at least 10 fans in my carpet cleaning van.

Here you can see after I clean a room, I setup a fan to start the drying process.

Sometimes I clean the living room first and turn the fire place on so the carpet cleaning fans blow hot dry air across the carpet. On this job, this room was dry before I left this customer's house. 

We were cleaning the tile and the carpet in Orem Utah and this is some of the equipment, we use to clean with. 

Our water line is so hot, I have to use these lawn pic's to keep my water pressure line from burning the grass.

Carpet cleaning in Lindon Utah

Carpet cleaning in Lindon Utah, 801-756-2275  

When we are cleaning your carpets in Lindon, we will put up and Seal-A-Door to keep the bugs out of the house and the pets and children inside of the home. In the winter time it really helps to keep it warm inside of your house, so when I am done carpet cleaning a room my fans will work better if it is warm inside the room. Just think of a hair drier, heat and air movement is what dries the carpet.

Then, we will do everything to protect your home, by putting down blankets and tarps on the floor we are not cleaning and putting corner guards to protect the walls of your home. Then we will pre spray your carpet and scrub it with a Brush Pro to break away any soil that might be in the carpet. You can see in this video, how the carpet is already looking better just by scrubbing the carpet.

Then we will steam clean the carpet with our powerful truck mounted steam clean unit. As for truck mounts it is one of the larger truck mounts out there. In this picture can you see we are making a difference in the carpet we are cleaning.

If you have some furniture that you want moved, just ask, Judy and I can move it and then move it back after we cleaned under the furniture and we will put plastic tabs and styrofoam blocks under the legs so the wood stain on the legs do not bleed on the newly cleaned carpet. We will do everything we can to protect the things in your home when we are carpet cleaning. . 

Carpet cleaning in Lindon Utah 4.jpg

Here is a video of us carpet cleaning in Lindon Utah. Maybe you can take a look. Having the right equipment and products to clean with and the knowledge on how to use them is very important. I have been cleaning carpets for 30 years now so this is not my first walk in the park and most other carpet cleaners think I should be teaching classes on how to clean carpets. The fundamentals of carpet cleaning, CHEMICALS using the right product for the right fabric and soil in the carpet, TIME to let the chemical break down the soil,  AGITATION they have been doing this for years when washing your clothes. Do you remember your mom rubbing your shirt together? And last TEMPERATURE, the hotter your water is the better your pre spray will work on the carpet to loosen up the soil. 

Can you see we are making a difference when we are carpet cleaning this home in Lindon Utah?

Carpet cleaning in Springville Utah

Carpet cleaning service in Springville Utah.  801-756-2275     We have been cleaning carpets now in Springville Utah for over 20 years now , When you call Alpine Professional carpet Care you get my wife Judy or I on the phone and Judy and myself will be the ones that comes out to clean your carpets, i have been cleaning carpets now for 30 years and we have the best equipment and products to get your carpets the cleanest they have ever been since they were new. 

When we are cleaning your carpets we do everything  we can to protect your home

Can you see the difference we are making on this carpet?  We prespray the carpet and we use a Brush Pro on the carpet to loosen up all the dirt to make it easy to rinse away and then after we are done steam cleaning your carpets we will setup airmovers to help the drying process

Using a seal-a-door in the winter time helps it stay warm inside your home and in the Summer time it keeps the pets,and kids in and the bugs out . We put down tarps and blankets to protect your floor

This is our carpet cleaning van and it has a very powerful truckmounted carpet cleaning unit inside the van. With a #5 blower and a heater 3,000 psi water pump it does a great job when we are cleaning your carpets.  We also have a big van full of carpet cleaning equipment to make sure the job is done right, What other carpet cleaner carries 10 carpet cleaning fans in their van to dry the carpets with.

Carpet cleaning service in Provo Utah

Carpet cleaning in Provo Utah  The important part of carpet cleaning is CHEMICAL, AGITATION, TIME AND TEMPERATURE. Lets start off with pre vacuuming to get all the dry soil out of the carpet so when you pre spray the carpet you don't make mud and then you would be trying to get the mud out of the carpet when you are carpet cleaning. Then you pre spray the carpet with the right chemical that fits the type of carpet you are cleaning and the type of soil that is in the carpet. This suspends the soil in a liquid form to make to make it easier to rinse away. Then allow time for the chemical to work.  Adding some agitation by using a Brush Pro does a very good job when you are cleaning the carpets. Then last, the hotter the water is that you are cleaning with the better the chemical will work on the carpet. For every 18 degrees that the water is over 140 degrees the chemical will work twice as good. Then rinsing away everything is so important to make sure there is no soil and residue left in the carpet. Then setting the pile with a carpet cleaning rake really helps so when you set up your air movers or fans to dry the carpet, it will dry faster.

You can see I have to use these lawn pics to keep my water line above the grass, so it will not burn a line in my customer's grass. Because my water is so hot, about 230 degrees.

You can see I have to use these lawn pics to keep my water line above the grass, so it will not burn a line in my customer's grass. Because my water is so hot, about 230 degrees.

Pre vacuuming is so important, I use this this Sanitaire vacuum.

This is what a Brush Pro looks like. It has two large brushes that counter rotate and any debris that is in the carpet, like pet hair, the brush with pick it up and put it in the bins.

In this short video you can see, if done right, how important it is to clean and rinse away all the soil and residue in the carpet. Can you see what a difference we are making on this carpet, when we are carpet cleaning this home?

carpet cleaning fans in Utah County.jpg

We always set up air movers to dry the carpet. When we turn the fireplace on it will blow hot air across the carpet so the carpet will dry really fast. Just think of a hair dryer, heat and air movement is what dries the carpet.